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Thank you for using our Executive Strategic Planning Program.

This incredible process will allow you to take your company to another level as well as add another "Tool to your Tool Box" (see details below)

With the support here and some guidance, you could be facilitating these programs to your clients too.

Things you need to know if you plan on offering these programs to your clients.

Keep the user name and password. I may add additional support materials.

Please note: Unauthorized use of these programs are prohibited.

I am an affiliate of Resource Associates Corporation which gives me the ability to have and use these programs. RAC owns the copyright for these programs.
There are two ways for you to have access to these programs and offer them to your clients. As an affiliate or an associate.

The first way is you could become an affiliate of Resource Associates Corporation. When you become an affiliate, you would buy direct from them. To become an affiliate you must attend their mutual evaluation and once accepted, pay the affiliate fee of approximately $25,000. If you choose to do this, please tell them that I sent you. (I get a referral fee.)

The second way is to buy from me. In essence, you become an associate even though you don't work for my company. This way is good for both of us. It gives me the ability to buy in quantity and save money, pass the savings on to you, and gives you the ability to offer programs without having to pay out $25,000. You also receive support from me if you need it. So when you land that client, you can call me for some one-on-one support on how to proceed. Plus, as you can see, I do not add a big charge per program. I think we both win. Associate program. Either way is fine.

Each program includes; text, action plan, and audio for one person. You will need a program for every participant. Cannot reproduce these in any way.

All material is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted. Do not reprint anything. Order enough for all participants. RAC has their copyright in your binder. They are very serious about any infringement.

Follow the strategic planning implementation/facilitation manual.

If you need help preparing for your strategic planning facilitation, please call. I have additional support material that will be helpful.

All of my materials are for your use only. I created these for use with the strategic planning processes. Please do not copy or send these to anyone.

I hope this information has been helpful about how to use these materials.

Now for the additional good stuff.

As promised, in addition to the ESP program, Flow Chart, and Agenda that you already received, here are some support materials that I created for use with the Executive Strategic Planning Program. Click on each one to view. (I know this is more than you expected when you ordered, but your success is our success.)

  1. Implementation Manual

  2. - PDF format - (print and put into a binder)
  3. Program Flow Chart - PDF format

  4. Agenda Layout and Training Schedule - PDF format

  5. Kick Off Introductions- PDF format

  6. Kick Off Notes

  7. - PDF format
  8. How It All Fits Together Outline

  9. - PDF format
  10. Power Point Presentation with Over 30 slides - Power Point format (large file)

  11. Executive Interview Questions- PDF format

  12. Strategic Planning Questions - WOTS UP Analysis

  13. - PDF format
  14. Strategic Planning Sales Letter - for print, e-mail blast, or broadcast fax

  15. NEW - 4 - stages - PDF format

  16. NEW - Audacious Goals - PDF format

  17. NEW - Change - PDF format

  18. NEW - Strategic Planning Schematic - PDF format

  19. NEW - Executive Strategic Planning Steps For The Process - PDF format

  20. NEW - Action Steps Form - PDF format

  21. NEW - Kick Off to correspond with slide show - PDF format

  22. Coming soon - Strategic Thinking and Business Planning Sales Flyer

  23. Coming soon - Competitive Analysis Form

  24. Coming soon - Do you need a strategic plan Sales Letter

  25. Coming soon - Segment Analysis Chart

  26. Coming soon - Market Segments and Opportunities

As people started using the program, the questions that arise will be answered here. If you have any questions please call or e-mail.

I will continue to add support material for you as question's arise.
Please check back.

Need additional programs? Contact us today for special pricing. Remember that buying in quantity saves money. View pricing here.

Thank you for using our Executive Strategic Planning Program.


Additional Training / Development Materials Available:

 These programs can be purchased from me as indicated above. I have implementation manuals and additional support materials for each program.

      Executive Leadership Development Program

      Sales Development Program

      Management Development Program

      Supervisory Development Program

      Customer Service Program

      Time Strategies / Organizer

      Dynamic Communications Seminar

      Behavioral Selling Skills Seminar

      Your Attitude Is Showing Seminar

      DISC Profiles

      Values Profiles

      Strategic Planning

      Strategic Thinking and Business Planning

Visit our web site for additional information or call us at 7420-824-4842

Look in our development and training areas.

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