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360-Degree Assessment

Why are companies all over the world using the Discovery 360 Multi-Rater?

  • Help people improve overall effectiveness

  • Help people accept the fact that their current methods need some further development

  • Help people understand their true strengths and weaknesses

  • Help people grow personally and professionally

 Discovery 360 Multi-Rater Introductory Offer

Sorrell Associates is pleased to bring you the Discovery 360 Multi-Rater Survey, a powerful, yet easy to use Multi-Rater Feedback system.

Successful companies and organizations realize their real strengths are in their people.  

Multi-Rater tools are fast becoming a strategic component in the development and growth of employees in businesses throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

The Discovery 360 Multi-Rater Survey assessment process is unique in that it compares observable current behavior to performance expectations from any internal or external source you select.

The 360-Degree Multi-Rater Survey has many applications.  The main purpose is to improve individual performance which will in turn improve the overall companies performance. 

It allows you to get feedback from a combined judgment of the people who have first hand knowledge of your effectiveness.  It is also a tool to help you see blind-spots and behaviors, creating a basis for constructive action.

Our Discovery 360-Degree Multi-Rater installs on your computers hard drive system and gives you the flexibility to:

         customize the questions

        target specific areas or topics (coaching, mentoring, communication, leadership, etc...)

        use the template questions that are on the system

        create different 360-Degree Surveys with different questions for different uses and applications.

Feedback from the Discovery 360-Degree Multi-Rater Survey can be the single most effective catalyst to individual growth and development when used properly.

The main purpose of most training experiences is to change behavior and improve effectiveness.

Change begins when people recognize and accept that their current behavior is ineffective or self-defeating.

Only feedback, which is specific, comprehensive, and developmental in focus, can create this critical awareness. And our innovative feedback instruments do this better than any other instrument or training program.

Our Discover 360 Multi-Rater Survey provides developmental suggestions if needed when you use our standard questions. And feedback workbooks with worksheets, guidelines for analyzing their data, setting goals, and creating action plans make it easy for participants to accept their results.

Clients, worldwide, have trusted our process. The feedback is credible and relevant to job performance.

Discover 360 Multi-Rater Survey provides you with easy to read reports for individuals, teams, departments, your entire organization, and even a trainers report. With Discover 360 you can look at the data in many different report formats.

To receive additional information about the Discover 360 process just E-mail us at info@strategicplanningsuccess.com or you can call us at 740-824-4842.

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